One and Only

Alone in a relationship with every negative thought possible running through your head. Ever been in the position where a conversation needs to be had but you can’t bring yourself to do it? You feel like saying anything will do more damage than good so you leave it alone because you’re in love. You act as if everything is okay when it’s not. I’ve been there. I have and the situation eats and eats at you until there is nothing left.

Don’t let it go too far. Trust me, you’ll start to resent them. And once you’re tired of it all you’ll leave with no explanation. You’ll leave that other person hurt, wondering what the hell did they do wrong…


calls you.
you don’t answer
you text me and ask “what’s the matter?”
“nothing” i’ll say
each and every time
and that night I won’t sleep
chasing thoughts through my mind
what’s wrong with me?
so many other options
but I want to be your girl
all your faults make you flawless
in my eyes at least
I look past all the wrong
and I see pure grief
or maybe it’s just relief
cause you get away
clear and clean away
from all that you do
to me and every other “boo”
but whatever, I don’t know why I fuss
i’ll be here forever
on your short yellow bus
and let you take me up and down
and i’ll steady hold on
hoping maybe everyday is my day
to be the only one
the only one who held on till the end
I thought I made it when I met you
I knew I prayed it
must’ve come through
but I have to ask myself
what did I do so wrong
to have you string me along
and what is it not processing in me
to where i’m not blind but I cant see
the real you and how you hurt to me
when is it over, when can I get off
your stupid rollercoaster
I want it back, I want my love
all that’s left over
if there’s any left
I gave you all, I give you all
you’re so undeserving
what did I do so wrong?
that made you look so perfect
what’s really wrong with me?
plenty of fish in the vast sea
but I was holding on
hoping you’d want to swim with me…
calls you
you don’t answer
you text me and ask “what’s the matter?”
“nothing, just thinking about you.”



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