Say You Love Me

I never understood how two people who seemed so perfect for each other could leave one another. Love is a bunch of things, but I’ve learned that it’s mostly sacrifice. What happens when one person isn’t willing to let go of themselves enough in order for love to work? Is it fair to stay or to leave? Feel free to leave your comments below. I’m really interested to hear others thoughts… 

In the meantime, here is my interpretation of how it goes… Enjoy. 

“Say You Love Me”
there’s always the beginning 
with us it was like I was dreaming 

floating even 

in lust and in love

you were something sent from the heavens above

I don’t even think I wished for you

You showed up just when I thought you couldn’t exist

Showed me how to let go, took me on a journey of bliss 

Visiting sights unseen while getting lost in your kiss

Your touch, your feels 

this couldn’t have been lust it must’ve been real 

you convinced me that I could love you 

brought me to a place where I was see through 

completely vulnerable to you and all you represented 

i learned you, even memorized how you were scented 

I know you felt me too, you knew I meant it

You learned me inside and out 

taught me my own weaknesses

showed me my strengths and allowed me to be free

you took the time to reach the depths of me 

brought me out of the darkness and I could finally breathe 

by the time you noticed, I was synchronized to how you were breathing

Your eyes could tell me no lies and now

My love had meaning 

I didn’t even understand where you were inside of me

I looked at you and could tell it was I that you seen

Say you love me…

I understood that at this point I could lose

And I considered you a loss, like losing my reasons to continue 

there was no me without you 

the more time went on, this scared me more than you leaving 

I had put my life into another being 

I was no longer my reason and this wasn’t acceptable to me

why would I allow myself to be so submissive 

Slowly that lust turned into me being dismissive 

here’s the issue:

I loved you more than I loved myself 

you we’re the source of my good health and that wasn’t healthy, right? 

why couldn’t I sleep at night if you weren’t in my sight 

or in my life 

why did I need you so much 

the love started fading as I convinced myself you were lust 

there could be nomore us, so I left 

left and didn’t know how to be kept 

couldn’t see without you attached to my hip

I was defenseless against the world without you on my lips 

I wanted to hear you say you love me  

but I didn’t need it 

I’ve lost more than I’ll ever gain with you 

Made your life mines, left me behind 

just so you could say you love me 

Let go of my piece of mind, no peace in my mind 

you had led me to see and now you were why I’d go blind 

I followed you like a lost puppy

And I know this will hurt you but it more so hurts me

there’s always an end when there’s a beginning 

with us it feels like I’m fading

dying even 

in pain but reborn 

you were something I needed in order to weather the storms 

I owe you my life but i have to move on 

promise me you’ll share the magic you allowed me to see

and quick before I go 

say you love me 

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