Pick Up the Phone


you must forget who I am
or maybe you think I was lying
I promised you’d never catch me crying
not over you
I’m no fool
I’m no damsel in distress, missing her boo
if you can ignore me, then I can too
probably better than you
you’ll be begging and pleading for me soon
and I won’t answer
I won’t come running
you think you’re hurting me over small nothings
it was never serious enough for a discussion
you thought you seen me blushing
even after I say you are my only crush
I swear its like arguing gives you a rush
I swear its like pissing me off gives you pleasure
but its okay
like I stated before
you’ll be missing me before you know it
I suggest answering your phone before you blow it
with me
I wont blow up your phone or beg you to see
that I’m telling you the truth
this whole situation is stupid
only have eyes for you like baby cupid
you don’t get to ask for space
you’re making me lose it!
you know who I am
you know i’d never sweat over losing a man
but baby please understand
I cant keep sending paragraphs
if you pick up the phone
I could guide you like a map
explain what really happened behind your back
I wasn’t lying
but I felt neglected and you weren’t trying
so I may have set up a meet
for me and him to greet
but that was it
what we shared was old, we never even kissed
baby its you
pick up the phone, I wont cry over this
but I wont lose you
you know how I am
I can act hard about anything
but not about my man
I know you understand
you want me to be soft baby?
I promise you I can
but you know what?
I don’t even care like I say
I’m sitting here blowing you up
why you doing me this way?
i’m just so confused
I was with you all day
if I really wanted to cheat you think id do it in your face?
you must think I have no self respect?
you must be ready to move on to whats next
matter of fact…
I’m done arguing with my self, never that
you know where I am, in your bed
you could just pick up the phone
or this could be the last message I ever send…

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