Story Time #1: Hooked

Daniel and Stephany have a great life together. They’ve been together for 8 years and are engaged to be married. Recently, they took in Stephany’s 16-year old sister, Angel who was having some problems at home. Daniel didn’t have a problem with Angel coming. Angel could be troublesome, but Stephany and Daniel felt that with the right guidance she would be ok. Besides, it was only for a couple of years until she left for college. And, Stephany thought this would be good training for Daniel because she recently found out she was pregnant. This was going to be a good start for them all.

“Daniel, can you pick Angel up from the airport? I’m running late for work.” yelled Stephany from upstairs. It was her first day as detective at her precinct and she wanted to make a good impression.

“Sure, what time is she coming in?” said Daniel.

“Her flight lands at 9 but you may want to leave early because of traffic. You sure you can do it?”

Daniel smiles. Stephany was always so considerate. He loved that about her. “Yeah I got it, don’t worry. You go kill it at work and make me proud.” He reaches back and gives her a nice smack on her ass. She loved that shit.

Stephany grabbing her things, pauses and gives Daniel a kiss. “Thanks love, you’re the best. See you tonight, tell Angel I’ll see her tonight too.”

“Ok, I’m going in late today so I should be home around midnight. Angel should be here.”

Stephany and Daniel share one more kiss and Stephany leaves out. Daniel grabs his keys and leaves right behind her and heads to the airport.

A few hours later…

Daniels phone rang. He grunts and rolls over to look and sees four missed calls from Stephany.
The time was 3:29a.m. and he was supposed to have been home by midnight.

“Baby, why don’t you put the phone on silent.” says Angel. Annoyed, Angel grabs the phone and throws it to the other side of the room. “Lay back down babe, answer it in the morning.”


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