Story Time#2: Hooked

“Daniel what the fuck, are you ok?” screaming at the top of her lungs Stephany finally gets a hold of Daniel. The time is now 9:32a.m.

“Yeah babe, I must’ve fell asleep in the car. I was dead tired when I got off I meant to text you.” slurs Daniel. He’s still half sleep and has a massive headache. Stephany fuming and screaming is not making it better. Daniel owns one of the top construction companies in town and had recently started on a new contract an hour away from home, so it wasn’t odd for Daniel to not come home.

“Ok, but did Angel call you? She told me she caught a later flight because hers got cancelled. I haven’t heard anything since.”

Angels crawls up behind Daniel and kisses his ear. She smirks and whispers “Cat got your tongue? Tell her where I am.”

Daniel shoos her off and continue talking to Steph.

“Yeah, she hit me. I’m headed to get her now. I’m sorry baby I should’ve called. I’ll take today off and I’ll be home as soon as I get Angel. I love you.”

“Ok babe, love you too.”

Daniel waits to hear the phone click and then turns to Angel. He has a fire in his eye that’s hard to figure out. Before Angel knows it, he has her by her neck pinned against the wall. Steam was coming from every part of his body, he was literally heated. Angel didn’t know whether to be scared or turned on. As Daniel’s grip tightened she quickly chose the latter.

In between the few breaths she could take, Angel hissed, “Baby, I know you like the kinky stuff but I can’t breathe.”

Daniel let go.

Holding on to her neck she asks, “What are you mad about, she not even trippin’.”

Daniel snaps back, “That’s besides the point. If we gonna do this it needs to be smooth. She’s a fucking detective, what don’t you get about that?”

“Yeah, but you’re her husband. They’ll never suspect a thing. Speaking of, I don’t know if I can wait years, I need money now. Plus, aren’t you excited to see what I can do without having to hide?”

Angel moves closer to Daniel and slides his hand in her pants. Daniel follows her lead.

Whispering in her ear he says, “You right baby, I can try to get it done sooner. Quicker we get rid of Steph, the quicker we’re out of here.”


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