Story Time: Hooked – Part 3


“Ok, let’s just get through today.” said Stephany in between breaths. Stephany felt horrible. A week ago she discovered she was 3 months pregnant. She was thrilled. She couldn’t wait to tell her husband, Daniel. But it would have to wait. Today was her second day in her new role as lead detective and they had a big new case.

Stephany got herself together and splashed water on her face. “You got this girl” she smiled at herself. She stood up straight and walked out of the restroom. She turned the corner and Randall was walking right towards her with the case file in his hand.

“Here we go.”

Randall was Stephany’s partner and had been from the very beginning. Over time the two had developed a very close bond. He was like a brother.

“Detective!” grinned Randall. “Looks like we got something.” Lifting up the case file, he sighed, “I think we got a busy day ahead of us.”

Stephany smiled. They worked in homicide. And she was determined to solve this case quickly and efficiently. It was her first case as lead detective and she had a point to prove.

“Of course. What are we looking at?”

“We got two bodies at the Hilton downtown. The scene was a mess, we got forensics over there now collecting what they can. From the looks of it, I’d say a robbery gone wrong.”

Stephany opened the file and seen two men who from first glance looked to have been beaten to death. She flipped through the pages and noticed female clothing and wine glasses in the bedroom.

“There’s drinks and lingerie all over the bedroom. Those two don’t look like they could fit any of it. You think we could be looking for an escort?” asked Stephany.

Randall replied, “Not sure. I figured we could go down to scene and check it out.”

Stephany and Randall arrive on the scene. As they’re waiting to cross the road, Stephany notices her little sister Angel and not far behind her, Daniel.

There were so many questions she had but Stephany had to remain focused. She hadn’t noticed but she was standing still, staring Daniel in his eyes.

“Steph, you ok?” Randall was in front of her.

“Yeah I’m good, let’s go.”

Stephany was more confused than anything. First, Daniel didn’t come home and now this. All she could do was hope that he had a good excuse.


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