Story Time: Hooked – Part 4

“We have to go. Steph is probably looking for me.”

Daniel leans over Angel and grabs his boxers. He gets up and gets dressed. Angel is still in bed seeming to not have heard a word Daniel said.

“Angel for real, we have to leave. I told her I’d be back before she got off today and you have to be with me.”

Angel sucked her teeth. “Excuse me for not wanting to go visit your wife.”

Daniel ignores her comment. Instead he breaks down the plan to Angel so there aren’t any surprises. Daniel was very anal about how he handled things.

The plan they had was so they could be together how they wanted. Angel and Daniel had been in dealings since she was 14-years old. It started one summer she came to visit and the rest was history. Daniel knew that Angel was Stephany’s beneficiary so he figured that together they could kill Stephany in what would look like an ambush while she was on duty and pin it all on her partner, Randall. Daniel had no beef with him, but he knew they were close and wanted no loose ends.Once things cooled down, Stephany’s life insurance would go to Angel. And she and Daniel would leave town together as a grief stricken husband taking care of his wife’s sister like she wanted. Daniel had it all figured out.

Daniel sighs. “Ok, look. When we get home we got a week max to get this Stephany and ole dude out of the way. You understand?”

Daniel grabs Angel.

“We’ll stay in town maybe 6 months and then we out.” says Daniel with a big smile and kisses Angel.

Angel grins. “Finally baby, I can have you all to myself. I’ve always had to take big sis hand me downs, but this is the best one yet.”

Angel separated from Daniel and finished getting dressed. She walks over to the window and sees a squad of police officers arrive. She backs away slowly and then sat on the edge of the bed and whispered Daniel’s name.

Daniel is putting on his watch and he looks over at her. She looks like she seen ghosts. He walks over to her.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

Angel looks up with irritation all over her face. She rolls her eyes and stands up and starts pacing.

“I gotta tell you something,” she says to Daniel.

She continues, “Last night I had to take care of these two lame ass dudes who wouldn’t leave me alone at the bar. They thought I was a trick or something.” She laughs. “I tricked they dumb ass–”

Daniel stops her.

“Wait, you did what? The fuck does “take care” of mean? Fuck, Angel what did you do??”

“I beat em. With my shoe. Dude tried to rape me baby, what was I supposed to do?”

Daniel starts to scream.

“When did you even leave the goddamn room? We came here with a plan, this shit was not in the fucking plan.”

Now both Angel and Daniel are pacing back and forth and Daniel notices blue lights flashing. He walks over to the window and sees multiple squad cars and then a familiar face.

“FUCK, Stephany is here. Did your dumbass even think about your sister being a homicide detective before you decided to walk around killing motherfuckers?!? Did you think about that shit???”

Angel walks over to Daniel and slaps him. Hard.

“Nigga, I don’t give a fuck about none of this. I was just telling you so maybe you could figure out a way for us to get out of this hotel before it’s covered in damn police officers. I didn’t touch shit but my shoes that are on my feet. I went back to they hotel room, did what I had to do and left. Fuck them niggas anyway, they probably better off.”

Daniel stares at Angel for what had to be 5 minutes. All he could think was “this bitch can’t be that stupid” but he said nothing. Deep inside he has real love for Angel and whatever he had to do to be with her he would.

“What you had to do?? Man, Angel get your shit and let’s go. We’ll just leave and head to the house, if Steph see us this shit is done. Come on.”

On their way out of the front doors, Daniel seen Stephany walking across the street into the building. He didn’t even realize that he was staring her right in the face.


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