Story Time: Hooked – Part 5

“Explain to me exactly how, and be very careful with what you say. How did Angel all of a sudden get in town and you two end up at a hotel? You were supposed to be at your site and she was supposed to be on a plane.”

Stephany is screaming as loud as possible at Daniel who was home when she got there. The last she seen he was walking out of a hotel with Angel.

Daniel tries to explain.

“Steph, I told you. She got into town first thing this morning. She called me right after I talked to you, she didn’t want to bother you because she knew you were working.”

“That still doesn’t explain why y’all were in a hotel.” Stephany is fuming.

“Baby. I stayed in a hotel the night I overslept, my site is down the street. What you thought I slept in the car? And Angel took an uber to me and she stayed until I checked out. We’ve been home for hours waiting on you!”

Stephany starts to calm down. His story made sense and she had never known Daniel to lie. She was just frustrated because it was this on top of him not coming home last night. She didn’t know what to believe but she was tired and didn’t want to argue.

“I won’t question you, if you say that’s what happened then I’ll leave it alone. But I do need to tell you something.”

Daniel wasn’t in the mood for any surprises.


Stephany puts her hand on her chest and leans back. This isn’t how she wanted to tell him the good news. But, at the present moment she didn’t know if he would feel the same way.

“Well, excuse me if I’m bothering you. I just thought you should know I’m pregnant.”

Stephany gets up off of the couch, throws a pillow at Daniel and storms upstairs. On her way up, she bumps into Angel who’s been listening to their entire argument.

Angel knew she heard something about pregnancy and sees that Stephany is visibly upset. So she decides to be a comforting sister to maybe get more information.

“Big sis, what’s wrong?”

Stephany starts to sob.

“Angel I’m pregnant. And I’m so stressed out, I feel like Daniel is hiding something and this new case at work is hopeless. I’m tired and right now I just want to sleep.”

Angel couldn’t care less about Stephany being pregnant but once she heard “case” she is even more interested.

“Omg pregnant? First of all don’t be crying and all of that. Daniel ain’t hiding nothing he was probably just with his boys, he’s a dude. It’s not that deep. But what about your case? You don’t think you can solve it? Isn’t this your first one?”

“It is. I can’t go into detail but it’s just a lot of dead ends. But it’s just day one. And I know Daniel wouldn’t lie to me, I think it’s just these hormones.”

Angel is thinking to herself that this was great news. There were no leads on the case and the baby was no big deal in her eyes. It made her sister even weaker than she already thought she was. She would be happy to get them both out of the way so she and Daniel could be happy.

“Well big sis, I’ll say this. Don’t stress it’s not good for you or the baby. And don’t worry about Daniel either, I’ll keep my eye on him for you.”

Stephany felt much better. She had missed her sister and was excited about her being there.

“Aw, I love you Angel. Thank you sister”

By this time, Daniel is coming up the stairs. He sees Angel and Stephany hugging and rolls his eyes where they can’t see. He interrupts the two.

“Excuse me but can I borrow my wife for a second?” he says to Angel.

Angel gives him the death glare. “Sure thing bro. Make sure you take good care of my sister”

Daniel looks at Angel with a look of disgust, grabs Stephany and heads towards their bedroom. He guides Stephany in and as he closes the door, Angel is standing in the hallway laughing. He flips her off and slams the door shut.

He turns to Stephany.

“So, you thought you were just going to say you’re pregnant and then walk off? Just like that?”

Stephany sits down. “D, I’m sorry baby it’s just been a long day. But yes, I am pregnant. I’m sorry if it’s the wrong time but I–”

Daniel jumps over to Stephany picks her up and spins her around. A baby? In his head he was hoping it would be a boy. Suddenly, he felt so many things he had never felt or hadn’t felt in a long time. One was a pure love for Stephany.

“This is great baby. I’m not mad at all. I love you and I love that baby.”

He grabs her belly and speaks to it.

“This is your daddy son, I’m here for you always. Hurry up and come out”

Stephany and Daniel lay in bed and laugh together for awhile until they both fell asleep. A couple of hours went by and Daniel’s phone buzzed from a text. He rolls over and sees it’s from Angel and reads it.

“Steph said case was dead end. And all of sudden she’s pregnant😒. Over this, let’s do this shit tonight and just dip. We can make the money up. Luv u. Ttyl.”

Somehow Daniel had completely forgotten about Angel and their plan. And the bodies from the hotel. As he lay with his pregnant wife and mistress down the hall ready to attack, Daniel had a big decision to make. And quick.

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