Story Time: Hooked – Part 6 (Conclusion)

In the middle of the night Stephany gets a call from Randall.

“Steph, you have to come down to the precinct. We got a match on the DNA found in the room. Hate to bother you but it’s really important.”

Stephany is half asleep. She sits up off of Daniel and mumbles.

“You sure this cant wait til morning, I’m with my hus-”

“No, Steph. It can’t. Hurry please.

Randall sounded worried. And now so was Stephany. She is taken aback because Randall would never claim an emergency if it was no big deal. She was still tired from last night and didn’t think she could deal with more drama.

“Ok Randall, I’m on my way”

As Stephany is getting dressed, she wakes Daniel.

“Babe, I’m going to work. Something is happening with my latest case so I’ll be back when I can. Can you make sure Angel stays here please?

Daniel nervously asks, “What’s going on with the case?”

“You know I can’t talk about it. I’m sure it’s nothing, just Randall overreacting. But, Angel. Here. Please.”

She kisses Daniel and leaves. She thinks to herself, Daniel has never been so interested in her cases. But she shrugs it off as him just being worried about her. She heads to the precinct to finally see what’s going on.

Stephany walks inside her job and Randall is the first person she sees. He wastes no time in taking her to the coroner who has found the DNA match. As they’re walking towards the office, Randall is making sure Stephany is calm.

“Steph, listen. I know what this is going to look like but I want you to promise me that you’ll stay cool in here.”

Stephany looks at him, confused.

“Why would I need to stay cool? We get this all of the time what’s so special now?”

“Just promise me, ok?”

Stephany laughs. “Ok Randall. I promise.”

They walk into the coroners office and she gives them both the run down on the injuries sustained and the ultimate cause of deaths.

“Detectives, both of these men died from heart attacks. But going by their health it shouldn’t have happened. They struggled in their last moments and managed to get something off of their fingers. I’m still looking for what may have caused the cardiac arrests, but I wanted you guys to look into the DNA sample found.”

The coroner moves over to her screen and Stephany almost faints.

The DNA sample belonged to Daniel.

Stephany is in disbelief. She looks at Randall who gets the hint, and they thank the coroner and leave.

“Hold on, Daniel? That can’t be. It’s not him, how could it be him? Randall take me home. Take me home, NOW!”

“Steph, we should stay here and keep looking into things. If he’s innocent there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“If? I don’t have time for this. Please, take me home. Me talking to him is apart of the investigation. So, take me home.


Immediately after Stephany leaves.

Daniel jumps up and runs over to where Angel is sleeping. He walks in and she’s wide awake sitting on the edge of the bed. He’s thinking about that text and whatever break Stephany had and he’s panicking.

“Angel, this whole thing is off. Steph just left because of a break in her case. Oh and we’re done. While you’re here if you could just be cool, everything will be cool. I’ll get you some money that’s no problem if that’s what you want.”

Angel laughs. Almost as if Daniel had just told the biggest joke she’d ever heard.

“You think that, just because of some case I’m leaving you? I’ve beat plenty of those but that’s besides the point. You aren’t here because of that.”

“I’m not in the mood for games man. I’m here because shit is hot right now and it isn’t a good time.”

Daniel struck a nerve. Angel stands up and slowly walks towards him.

“Why? Because she’s pregnant? Because all of a sudden you love your wife?? Nah. Shit isn’t about to happen like that. You don’t get to make promises you can’t keep, brother in law.”

Angel begins to grin and then laugh loudly again.

“You’re either going to go through this with me, or you can die with that bitch too. Your choice.”

Angel walked out of the room, passing Daniel. Daniel just stared at her as she left. He heard her going downstairs. Daniel was confused and trying to figure out if she was serious or not as he followed her downstairs to the kitchen.

“Angel what the fuck are you going through? You would kill me? Of all people? After all I’ve done with and for you? And how did you even know she was pregnant?”

Angel grabs the biggest knife she could find from the drawer. She looks right at Daniel.

“The real question is why do you care if she’s pregnant? And all you’ve done for me? You mean after you just told me to my face that you were through? All bets are off. I’m not begging for anything. Now you don’t have a lot of time to decide what’s going to happen because as soon as she’s back I’m lighting her, that demon child, and this house the fuck up. So what’s it going to be?”

Angel is twirling the knife around but Daniel isn’t scared. He loved her but he wasn’t going to give up on his family. He figured maybe if he talked her down, she would calm down and think about things.

“Angel, just come he-” Daniel stopped.

He tried to mumble something else but Angel just dug the knife further into his stomach. Once he fell to the ground, she kicked him in his face until he was unrecognizable. She dropped down next to him, and cried. She never thought she’d never have to lose him. But, Angel felt betrayed and it was one of the worse things you could make her feel.

She found a bottle of wine and poured it over him and managed to find a box of matches. Before she left she leaned down and whispered to him. “You took too long.”

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