looking back i never thought

that i would have the strength

or that you would have ever sought

for more of us, for growth in us

on my side it was chilly

we had warm days but lately

it had been missing and

i was only interpreting that it was time

you always hated that line but

sooner or later it would come

i wanted to play the hate you game

but instead i just wanted to run

this was no longer fun and

you were no longer the one

i wanted to get stuck

on the technicalities and our luck

how our destinies weren’t ever meant to touch

but for what?

we went against all that was right

chasing after each other’s lights

that lit the path for years unexpected

never preparing for when

our paths would run disconnected

or maybe we knew

and chose to avoid the inevitable

was it selfish on us to want love to be possible?

or was it irresponsible of us

trying to love past our doubts

the secret was out

and the final blow i would have to land

i don’t want to but i fault you

for not taking the upper hand

and being the man that understands

that our bond wasn’t always

going to be enough

yes separation would be tough

still you never paused and deliberated

on how you could become

the subject of my hatred

i was done waiting

you wanted too many reasons

you wanted to be dragged away

kicking and screaming

that shits demeaning

i still cherished our energies created

they gave me the answers to the questions

how could we have known and

what could we have shown

other than what was so perfectly clear

our love was powerful enough to be envied

through the years

our love hurt and still dried all of our tears

so i was thankful

but you couldn’t not make this more painful

it’s challenging being the one to think outside of us

feelings of breaking bonds, ruining trust

all i wish to get through to you

is that we already knew

and what i can only hope

is that one day you understand

you helped shaped the women i will be

and i pray this turns you into an amazing man

maybe not then but one day you’ll see

why the final and most powerful blow

had to be landed by me

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