Personal: The Final Chapter!

Hi guys!

So, I wanted to create a post about my next poetry book and some details surrounding it. The title(as you can see above) will be Personal: The Final Chapter.

This will NOT be my last poetry book. Originally, I wanted to just continue on with what I had started and it was going to become volume 3. However, with where I am specifically right now in life, I believe it’s time to bring it to a close.

I am most excited about this book being that the sole focus will be, ME. Both volumes 1&2 followed the woes I felt in different relationships. The good, bad and ugly. Right now, all of those relationships have ended. The focus of this book will be me regaining my identity. I think that after being with someone for so long, if we allow it, we lose ourselves. Personally, I believe that is one of the worst things to happen to individuals in a relationship because you engulf yourself in someone else and before you know it, you know them but they don’t know you. And then it settles in that YOU don’t know YOU either. And that complicates things on different levels. It is not always the others fault, nor is it their responsibility. Still, we are humans and shit happens. With that being said, I no longer wish to be defined by them. Personal will follow the process of experiencing, loving, and being present. It’s not perfect but it’s my journey. My past relationships taught me many, many, MANY life lessons that I will be able to carry with me forever and that has inspired much of what this final chapter of Personal will be so for that I am forever grateful.

In honor of this being in the works, weekly I will be posting poetry. Some oldie but goodies, and lots and lots of new stuff (nothing from Personal, of course😉) small teases will be given on IG lol.

While you have time though, make sure to check out my most recent post. It’s a poem named Finale.

Remember to stay tuned to the site or IG (@realm.kay) for any and all updates. Release date will be announced in the near future! Thank you guys who support, you are much appreciated.


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