Story Time: Taboo – Part 1

Phone rings.

“No, baby don’t stop. Please, I’m almost there.”

“It might be Taylor, just let me look.”

“Taylor? I thought she was with Micah tonight, why would she be calling you?”

Eden was a 20-year old college junior. Currently in the middle of having sex with her professor; Dr. Sebastian Stewart. Taylor is his wife(pending ex-wife) and Micah is their son.

Eden stops and sits up. Visibly annoyed.

“Babe, when is this supposed to stop? I’m here every other night and she calls consistently. I thought you guys were separated, what is there to talk about at midnight.”

Sebastian ignores her and answers the phone.

“What’s up?”

Taylor is screaming, Eden hears her through the phone. She can’t make out everything but by the time she tries to, Sebastian jumps up and starts to get dressed.

Sebastian is screaming now.

“Tay- slow down, I’m on the way. Calm the fuc- I’m coming!”

He finishes getting dressed and grabs his keys. He kisses Eden on her forehead and says he’ll be back. Eden confused yells out to Sebastian.

“Where are you going? What’s wrong? Is Micah ok?”

“Just stay here. Don’t move.”

Before we get into that, a quick introduction into who Eden is. She lived in Charlotte with her mom but was born in Cleveland. However, her mom moved around non-stop so she never really got the chance to sew any roots or make friends until high school. They had settled in Charlotte for her moms new job. But still, she was the definition of a loner.

Once she got to high school, she blossomed beautifully. She never paid much attention to her clothing or what was “in”, she did her own thing. The attention she got was nice but she never trusted it due to her background. Until she met Sebastian.

Sebastian and Eden met through a teacher during her senior year.. Eden was in the middle of college tours and the teacher suggested she meet with this top shot professor from the local university. He was the head of Biology and Eden was looking to go into that program. To make a long story short, the two were inseparable throughout her graduating and starting college. He was older and she knew no one would approve. But, Eden was determined to have her way. She was quiet and good at staying out of the way. Still though, there was one problem that would never allow the two of them to be completely happy.

Sebastian arrives at Taylor’s. The phone call was about their son Micah. He was only a year old and she had found him not breathing. There was an ambulance and fire trucks outside when he got there. He spots Taylor sitting on the curb and rushes to her.

“Where is he?”

“Sebastian… he’s gone.”

Sebastian stands up. Enraged he yells out, “Taylor where is my son?!”

His voice breaking, he drops down to his knees. With the little strength he has, he punches the pavement repeatedly. Taylor steps over to stop him. He jerks back.

Taylor steps back as well. After a few moments, she approaches him again.

“I don’t have any words, just like you. I’m hurt, just like you. He was OUR son. You don’t get to go through this alone.”

She leans down and hugs his neck. Sebastian hugs her back and sobs in her shoulder. Taylor rubs his back and quietly sobs too. Her baby son was gone and now all she could think about was her daughter, Eden.

“I don’t know how I’m going tell Eden. She’s going to be heartbroken. Have you seen her?”

Sebastian quietly nods.

“No, I haven’t. But I’ll tell her. Don’t worry, I got her.”


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