StoryTime: Taboo – Part 2


Sebastian was knocking on Eden’s door. It had been a week since Micah passed and everyone had taken the loss hard, especially Eden.

She was sitting on the side of her bed in a blank stare. She heard Sebastian call out to her but he was the last person she wanted to talk to. Eden felt in a way that this was her fault. She thought maybe if she had been home that she could’ve helped more. It didn’t help that today was his funeral.

“Y’all can leave. I’ll meet my mom at the church.”

Sebastian sighs and leans his head against the door.

“Eden, your mom wants us all to ride together. Can you manage to pull that off?”

Eden swings open the door and stares at Sebastian.

“What do you want Sebastian?”

“I want you to ride in the family car for your brother and mom.”

“If I was home that night, none of this would be happening. So, no. I don’t want to ride with everybody together.”

“Eden, she’s your mo-”

“No, she’s your wife. So excuse me if I don’t want to sign up for the shit show. I loved Micah more than anything so as his big sister I will be there. But I’m not riding with you or her. Especially not the two of you together.”

Eden turns and goes back inside her room and sits back on the bed.

Sebastian sees that he’s lost this battle. But, he can tell that Eden is hurting. He comes in the room and once the door is closed, he locks it. He walks over to Eden.

“Talk to me, baby.”

Eden breaks down. She’s crying uncontrollably but Sebastian has his arms around her tight. In between her tears, she manages to get a few things out.

“This is our fault. I know you don’t live here in the house anymore but if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have left. And I wouldn’t have been there, and Micah would be alive. I can’t help but feeling responsible. Even more selfish. And my mom? Oh my God, she can’t take anything else.”

“Eden, everything happens for a reason. He was my only son, my only child. I’m hurting but I don’t question it. I don’t regret where I was that night. I would choose all the nights to be with you. There’s a plan in everything. We’ll see Micah again.”

Eden leans on Sebastian as he rubs his hands through her hair. She’s crying softly while he eases his hands to her lower back.

“Sebastian, not right now.”

“Let me help you. Look at me. Take everything off and lay here. Let me help you.”

Eden does as she’s told and watches Sebastian climb on top. She’s thinking this probably isn’t the right time but God did she love this man. Eden relaxed and let him do all of the work. She had been so upset over Micah, she felt this would help her get through.

“Eden? Eden! Where are you, we have to go!”

Taylor walks up to Eden’s door and knocks to no response. She calls to her twice more. No response.

“Eden this is not the day to be late! Let’s go.”

Taylor opens the door and sees Eden on top of a man.

“Eden! Get up! What are you doing? On your brothers funeral, are you ser-”

Eden jumps off and up comes Sebastian.


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