StoryTime: Taboo – Parts 3 & 4

“Ma, breathe. Mom, please don’t be mad. Please. Look at me.”

Eden was trying to get Taylor to speak. She had just walked in on her and Sebastian and neither knew what to do. All the while, Taylor stood in the doorway with no words. She was holding Micah’s favorite stuffed bear.

Sebastian walks over to her, she now has tears in her eyes. Taylor still says nothing as she looked at Sebastian and slapped him hard.

After a few minutes of silence, she finally says something.

“Eden, please get dressed or you’ll be late. Sebastian, the limo is outside waiting for me and you.”

Both Sebastian and Eden are puzzled.

“That’s it?” Eden says after a long pause.

Taylor looks at her with a death glare but still remains calm. She asks again as softly as she could’ve managed for Eden to get dressed and to not be late. She then left the room. Sebastian looked back at Eden and shook his head as he followed Taylor out.

Eden was confused. Her mom has just caught her with her stepdad on the day of her brothers funeral and said nothing. Taylor was known to always speak her mind so this was all new to Eden and she didn’t know what to expect. But, at that moment the least she could do was be on time for Micah’s funeral.


After the funeral, Eden left immediately without saying goodbye. Now back at school, it had been a week since she had heard from her mom or Sebastian. She didn’t want to make things worse by bothering her or being seen with him. The silent game was bothering her too but she’d take that over drama so she kept her head low.

It had been a long day of classes and Eden was walking back to her dorm when Sebastian called. She ignores his call 5 times before she finally picks up.


Sebastian relieved answers. “I haven’t heard from you. Where are you?”

“I’m headed to my dorm. What do you want? Don’t really have time to talk?”

“Your mom is gone. I’ve looked all over, and she’s not home. She hasn’t been to work and her car, purse, everything is still in the house.”

Surprisingly Eden is more upset that he was at her moms house. She figured Taylor was just upset and needed some time. This was all of their faults anyway, so she wanted to just give her space.

“Well, why were you over there? You know what… never mind. How long has she been gone? Did you call her?”

“I don’t know. I woke up, and she wasn’t here. And don’t start that please we’ll talk about that later just call your mom please and let me know if you get her.”

“Ok, whatever I’ll call”

Eden hangs up and calls. Taylor doesn’t answer and she’s not surprised. Once she gets home, she put her phone on Do Not Disturb and took a nap. Eden wakes up a few hours later to loud knocking on her room door. She’s sits up still disoriented. She checks her phone and sees she has 19 missed calls from Sebastian and one text from her mom. Before she opens it, the knocking on her door turns into banging. She throws her phone and she runs to open it.

“I’m coming! Hold on.”

Eden opens the door and Sebastian rushes in.

“What the FUCK have you been doing; have you seen your phone?”

“Sebastian I was asleep, what’s the problem?”

He’s looking away from Eden and asks again has she checked her phone. Eden is confused and aggravated from being woken out of her sleep. She goes to her phone and opens the message from her mom. It’s a video. Once she opens it, she can’t believe what she’s watching.

“Sebastian, what the fuck is this?”

He looks over at her and tries to run across the room to calm her down but before he gets to her, she spazzes.

“Oh my God What is this?? How’d she get this? Sebastian what did you do?!?!! Why does she have this video? Multiple videos! This isn’t even from the day of Micah’s funeral! What the fuck!”

Eden throws the phone. Taylor had sent multiple videos of Sebastian and Eden having sex. And apparently, he had copies too. Sebastian was pacing the room. He was just as confused as Eden.

“Eden, I don’t know. She just sent them to me. I don’t know if she’s going to use them in the divorce, I really don’t know. She didn’t say anything at all. And she’s still not home.”

“So, she knew! She had too. These videos are old! And what do you mean she’s still not home? What is this a tv show? I’m not doing this I’m going to the house.”

“Eden she’s not there. I checked earlier.”

Eden ignores Sebastian. She gets dressed, grabs her keys and leaves. Sebastian reluctantly follows behind.

When they get to Taylor’s, from the outside everything seems fine. They walk in and smell food cooking. Taylor was in the kitchen and there was a full meal being prepared. Eden side eyes Sebastian as they walk in together.

Taylor realizes they are there and walks over and hugs them both. And she speaks.

“Well, hello love birds. How are you all this evening? Did you get my message?”

Again, Eden side eyes Sebastian confused.

“Mom, what is this? Did you know this whole time? Is this a joke?”

“Of course, I knew sweetheart. You aren’t very quiet. And I’m not sure why Micah’s closet was such a favorite spot but I am glad I got that baby monitor. Both of you, sit. Eat. Let’s chat.”


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