i’ll wake and want to hear your voice

and slowly get over it because it probably won’t happen

i may get a text and it may be sweet

or it may not and i‘ll be forced to dream

although you won’t acknowledge me

and all i ‘ll have are old messages to re-read

i‘ll love you like you called me, anyways

i ‘ll see you after the longest seven days

bravely i go for a hug and you’ll push me away

i may even push and ask if you missed me

asking to be hurt but it isn’t worse than my dreaming

and you’ll force that smile while whispering “of course”

causing me to search deeper to find the source

of your disdain towards me

but tonight when you call, because you desire my love

i ‘ll stop what i ‘m doing, and give you my all

and imagine that you missed me, anyways

i ‘ve built you to be the man of my dreams, in my head

met with your fight to deny me instead

but i choose to live in my dreams

hoping that one day it won’t be all that it seems

that you’ll love me and i ‘ll love you

that this’ll be real and i won’t have to be confused

but until that days comes i reside in my fantasy

i ‘ll keep wanting you until you want me

and do all in my abilities to make you stay

until you love me, anyways

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